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Jana Elston - A Skin Care Expert, Retail and Customer Service Coach, Writer, Blogger and Author
Jana Elston
Skin Care Expert, Educator & Trainer,
Writer, Blogger and Author
Hello, my name is Jana, I'm so glad you dropped in to visit my blog, I hope you like it!

I started this blog in 2013 because I am passionate about the beauty industry and helping people look and feel their very best.

I teach people about skin, body, health and wellbeing. My hope is to inspire you to take better care of you, to look great, feel great and to be happy. 

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My passion is in skin treatments & facials, diagnosing skin conditions
My passion is in skin treatments & facials, diagnosing skin conditions

A little about me: I completed my Diploma in Beauty Therapy in 1990 and have devoted myself to helping people ever since. I owned successful beauty salons, taught at a beauty college, and worked in various salons and department stores with different skin care brands. I worked both in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries teaching people about skin care, OTC medicines, health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about:

  • inspiring people to eat well, be well, exercise and be happy
  • teaching people about beauty, nutrition, fitness, skincare, and mindfulness
  • coaching people how to correctly and thoroughly analyze skin conditions
  • teaching people how the skin behaves and how cosmetic ingredients work 
  • teaching other professionals to deliver exceptional beauty & wellness treatments
  • teaching professionals how to develop a tailored beauty & wellness treatment program for their clients. 

I was very lucky to have worked with some very smart formulators and chemists both in skin care and OTC products and medicines, as I love working with active ingredients that make a difference.

The beauty industry is nothing to what it was when I first started. It is constantly evolving with new treatments, products, and ingredients that deliver amazing results. I like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, beauty treatments & products, and I love sharing my discoveries on this blog.

A Skin Care Expert, Retail and Customer Service Coach, Writer, Blogger and Best Selling Author.Make yourself a nice cup of your favorite herbal tea, relax and enjoy browsing through this blog. To the left side, you will find links to popular posts and the blog archive. This is a great place to start. I have also included a search function so that you can search the blog by the skin concern you have. 

Enjoy and happy reading!

Jana x


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