Do you squeze blind pimples? Here is what you need to know...

acne pustules papules scarring

Do you squeze blind pimples? Here is what you need to know...

It makes absolutely no sence to try squeze a blind pimple. The infection is deep in the tissues and to get to it you would tear the skin, which will most likely end up in scarring. You are literaly opening the skin up for more infection and the tear takes weeks to heal up.

Blind pimples have no openings to the surface and so the immune system and the lymphatic system are taking care of the infection. The immune cells come in to neutralise the infection and the lymphatics direct more water to the area to flush it out. That raised, red, sore, deep blind pimple you get is actually the increased metabolic activity of your immune response in the local area to deal with the infection. If you squeeze a blind pimple and only blood comes out (you have damaged and broked blood vessels) then a clear fluid (lymph) you have torn your skin down to the dermis level. Ouch!

Pimples with a yellow, pus head on the surface means your hair follicle (or some people call them pores) has infection in it and your body is pushing the infection out. These can be extraced out but you need to be gentle. Cleanse your skin and steam it or use a warm towel to soften your skin. Then with your fingetrips gently push under the follicle to ease the infection out. If you find it comes out easily, great, if its not coming out, leave it. You can use a topical treatment to help bring it to the surface, then ease it out when it's ready. If you try to force it you will cause more trauma which can re-infect your skin (more pimples), takes ages to heal and potentially can cause scarring. If you are unsure, please see a beauty therapist who can do a deep cleanse facial which includes extractions.

I hope you find this useful because people need to know how to do this correctly so that they don't damage their skin.

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