Tasmania: Exploring Oriental Opulence in the Heart of Hobart

It has been over 18 years since I have been to Hobart and as the plane prepared to land, we flew over the small capital city of Tasmania. I watched the sparkling waters of the River Derwent merge into the Tasman Sea. It was early morning, the sun was radiant and the sky was a glorious blue as we flew close enough to see the white triangular sails of the yachts bobbing in the harbour. A few minutes before, the pilot announced our descent in preparation for landing and told us we are in for a beautiful sunny day, although a fresh 10 degrees.

My husband Andrew sat next to me and peered over my shoulder out the cabin window, excitedly pointing out familiar landmarks down below. We we looking forward to spending a few days in Tasmania, and he had a list of places we should see while in Hobart.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart reception
One of the places I was looking forward to seeing was the legendary spa Jun Lin Sun  renowned for the best massage in Hobart. We were staying in a hotel in the heart of the city and I was told this spa was just a short walk away in the Hobart CBD. Before our trip, I researched the spa’s stunning website and Google revealed beautiful photos of the spa promising an exquisite experience, so I was looking forward to seeing the spa in person.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart entrance
After we checked in and dropped our luggage off we thought we would explore Hobart, as we were in the vicinity of the harbour and the central shopping district. As we explored along the Elizabeth mall we discovered the spa was even closer than we initially thought, being used to a much larger city, we expected to walk for some time. It was easy to find, we stumbled across the a-frame sign pointing the way to the spa which was tucked away in an arcade just off the mall.

As we rounded the corner of the arcade, we came upon a small oriental table with the spa brochures and larger pop-up banner next to the entrance. So we decided to go in and explore and see for ourselves if the the spa delivered on its promises.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart entrance
The large glass door opened to reveal a flight of stairs, the walls on either side decorated with spa posters creating the mood of relaxation. The entrance was brightly lit however the walls were painted in deep muted tones, on one side a dark grey and the other a deep red. This was in contrast to the bright white decor popular in many spas today promising we were in for a different experience.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart waiting area
At the top of the stairs we were greeted warmly by the receptionist and we stood there trying to take it all in. We were initially surprised by the very spacious central reception, retail and waiting area, and we could see corridors leading in all directions to the various rooms. Walking in was like walking through a  portal into another world, it was beautiful, very oriental and quite stylish.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart displaytea at Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart If I were to describe the decor of the spa in two words it would be “Oriental Opulence”. We were immediately struck by the feature wall in the reception area, designating this as an Asian themed spa. The receptionist directed us into the waiting area which was decorated in exquisite traditional Asian furniture, creating a sense of tranquility and peace. I sensed the softness as my feet sank into the plush soft carpet which added a sense of comfort, soothing my mind.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart Oriental OpulenceJun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart retail display Sothys ParisThe retail display was quite large, full of enticing Sothys Paris products, a high end quality spa range from France. The receptionist informed me they have partnered with Sothys, a product I am very familiar with as I have used and been working personally with Sothys for many years. Jun Lin Sun and their sister spa Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay are the exclusive stockists of Sothys in Hobart. They have selected Sothys as their exclusive brand to offer the best Facial experience in Hobart, and Sothys is known for their exquisite classical French facials and their  results oriented cosmeceutical facials.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart Vichi ShowerAll in all, my first impression of the Jun Lin Sun Day Spa in Hobart has proven to exceed my expectations. As we were taken on a tour of the spa, I was amazed at the size of it. There were no fewer than a dozen rooms, a few of them large couple rooms with two beds because as the receptionist explained, they cater to quite a lot of visitors and tourists as well as locals who are looking for an escape from the modern city demands. Every room was pristine, clean and tidy and continued with the oriental theme decor. When they showed me the wet rooms with Vichi Shower and Infrared Sauna I decided I have to come back for a day spa body treatment.

Jun Lin Sun Day Spa Hobart
I can’t wait to tell you more about my day spa experience at Jun Lin Sun, but you have to stay tuned for part two of this spa review coming soon!

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