A Visit to Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong Revealed Key Beauty Trends for 2019

Late last year I spoke with Karla McDiarmid, Owner & Director of Macquarie Medi Spa, leading and multiple award-winning spas in Bathurst and Orange, about her visit to  Cosmoprof Asia at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in November 2018.

Cosmoprof Asia is a 4-day trade beauty expo covering beauty products and cosmetics for the professional beauty industry. Beauty salon, spa, hair and nail professionals from across the globe travel to Cosmoprof each year to discover new developments and key global trends in the beauty industry.

Karla travels to and attends all the key beauty trade expos in Australia and overseas including the Beauty Expo Australia and is on the Beauty Advisory Board for the Beauty Melbourne Expo. In this interview, Karla shares her observations and takeaways from her last visit to the Cosmoprof Asia trade show.

Why did you choose to go to Cosmoprof Asia?  

I chose to visit Cosmoprof as I am passionate about the skin and beauty industry and I love to see what new and exciting products and equipment are coming to the Australian market over the coming years.

What was your first impression of Cosmoprof Asia when you first arrived? 

Cosmoprof Asia is huge! Located over two venues – I actually only got to see one of the venues. Over 2700 stalls,  well over 3 football fields in size.

How many days did you spend at the Cosmoprof Asia?

I had two full days of exploring the expo and a half day spent in the Spa Conference.

Did you attend any beauty education?  

I attended the Spa Conference which was very professional and had some incredible guest speakers from around the world.

Topics included in the conference were future trends, employee management, social media & business tips.

What was trending at Cosmoprof Asia?

Facial and body equipment I saw was trending in particular. Facial sheet masks are still HUGE & I also purchased a lot to try at home and put into our Christmas hampers! There were hundreds of facial mask exhibitors and many handheld IPL home use devices. This really worries me, I am sure many don’t work or do a thing as they are very small and may not have the power to work properly in hair reduction knowing how big our equipment is in the Medi Spas. I did purchase one to see if I am to get any results.

I also am concerned for the safety of children, if they were to get their hands on these devices with the light hitting their eyes and some kids may think it’s a little  ‘laser gun’  they can play with at home.

Tell us about some of the highlights of your visit to the beauty expo in Hong Kong. 

Highlights included getting new ideas for my business & motivation for myself. I have been a business owner for 18 years and it's really easy to become ‘flat’ in your career. This is why I attend many expos and educational seminars.

What was your main take away from your visit to Cosmoprof Asia?

Technology is evolving. My team asked me to find a new microdermabrasion machine. I did not see one crystal microdermabrasion machine, so as much as we love that treatment & our clients still love it, it's old technology and many new options in equipment are coming through.

What tips and advice would you give to people when they visit Cosmoprof?

Allow enough time! I needed another day. Wear good comfortable walking shoes & take water with you. You are walking all day as it is such a big venue.

Take cash, many exhibitors don’t have credit card facilities.

Book seminars early, it's very hard to find people to help you who know about the seminars as the venue is so big and they are just contracted employees, not actual Cosmoprof people.

Have a foot and leg massage each night, you will need it!

What would you do differently next time?  

I would add an extra day before and after so I wasn’t so rushed and I could visit the second venue. Take a suitcase with you to put your purchases and snacks in.

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Have a beautiful day! 
Jana x
Jana Elston
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