Adult Acne - Causes, and Best Treatments

Adult Acne - Causes, and Best Treatments

As beauty therapists, we find about half of the people we see come to see us about their acne and how to treat their problem skin. Most people think that acne is something that only teenagers go through but we find that 80% of people we see are between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

What Causes Acne in Adults

Most people think that having an oily or dirty skin can be the cause of acne in adults. This may be true for some people with oily skin but it's not always the cause of acne for everyone. We see many people with dry skin type who experience breakouts or acne. People are individual and a thorough consultation is needed to determine what could be the cause for each person. Here are just some possibilities that could cause acne in adults:

  • Oily skin prone to clogging and blackheads 
  • Hormones 
  • Stress 
  • Overtreated skin 
  • Harsh products 
  • Disruption to the skin barrier 
  • Food intolerances such as gluten or dairy 
  • Too much sugar in the diet 
  • Inflammation associated with poor diet and lifestyle 

What Is the Strongest Treatment for Acne?

This is a question that people ask us often because they want to be rid of acne fast. The problem is stronger is not necessarily better and can actually make things worse. We frequently see people who come to get our advice when they have over treated their skin and the acne has gone worse.

Your skin and the barrier is a very delicate system and scrubbing of burning away acne is not the answer. Your skin needs time to heal, repair, rejuvenate. Treatments that help heal acne and heal the skin are the best treatments for acne. Balance is the key when treating acne and preserving the skin barrier to ensure long-term skin health.

Best Acne Treatment Products for Adults 

Some of the best acne treatments are treatments you can do at home. This should be the starting point for anybody who wants to improve their skin. How you treat your skin every day makes the biggest difference in gaining results. In fact, we find 80% of the results come from your daily skincare routine.

Gentle cleansing twice a day to perfectly balance the skin is important before any treatments are applied to the skin. Avoid using harsh cleansers that strip your skin because this can make the acne worse. Follow with a soothing anti inflammatory toner to help reduce redness in the skin.

A serum with active ingredients to target infection and inflammation should be applied before moisturising. Look for serums that contain salicylic acid which is a potent ingredient that targets bacteria and helps to reduce inflammation. Added herbs and botanicals will help to reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. Choose moisturisers specifically formulated to help treat acne. Look for ingredients such as zinc, niacinamide, retinol, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, licorice, allantoin, centella asiatica, and glycerrhetinic acid which help calm, soothe and heal the skin.

You can exfoliate your skin once or twice a week but be careful not to overdo it. Avoid harsh scrubs, these aggravate the skin and can make the acne worse. If you’ve had a big breakout and need to calm the skin fast, use a mask formulated to treat acne breakouts. Masks are excellent for fast results.

Best Acne Treatments for Adults 

There are a number of treatments we can do in a professional setting to speed up the results. These include

  • Acne facial treatments 
  • AHA/BHA peels 
  • Lymphatic drainage massage 
  • High frequency treatment 
  • LED light therapy
  • IPL or laser treatments

Avoid microdermabrasion or micro skin needling as these do not successfully treat acne and can make things worse. These are excellent treatments to do after the acne has cleared to treat acne scarring but are too aggressive to do over active acne.

Selecting the best products and treatment options for your skin as an individual choice. Your beauty therapist will advise you on the best products to use at home and the best treatments to have in the skin clinic. The combination of professional products and treatments will give you the best results.

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