October 13, 2017

Signs of over-exfoliation and how to bring the softness back to your skin

Over-exfoliated? Find out how to bring the softness back to your skin

- Signs of over-exfoliation
- and how to bring the softness back to your skin

What are the signs of over-exfoliation:

dry scaly skin, rough skin, tightness, inflammation, breakouts, milia, sensitized skin, constant flaking, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, accelerated ageing

Over-exfoliated skin remedies:

- Wean off gradually
- Downtime
- Calm and sooth
- Repair the barrier
- Anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing professional treatments
- Massage
- Daily home skin care management

Wellness tips:

- Hydrate
- Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids  
- Antioxidants

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