How to Brighten a Dull Skin, Review of the SNS Nail Dipping System and My Favorite Beauty Product Right Now

Welcome to Skin Tips Saturday Live!

Tune in today to find out about:

- my experience with the new and popular SNS nail dipping system
- the beauty essential I am in LOVE with right now
- how to brighten a dull skin

Why skin gets dull: dehydration, dead cell build-up, toxins, poor circulation, illness, lack of exercise

How to Brighten a Dull Skin

- Cleanse your skin morning and night
- Exfoliate regularly
- Use skin care with Vitamin C
- Improve skin metabolism with minerals - zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium
- Re-energize skin cells with Siberian ginseng
- Detoxify the skin with green tea, dandelion extract, prickly pear

Wellness tips:

- Detoxify in the morning with hot lemon water
- During the day drink at least one green smoothie
- Drink one green tea or dandelion tea every day
- Go for a walk
- Book a facial

I hope you found this interesting and informative. If you have any comments or your own experience about the SNS nail dipping system, the makeup blender sponge or treating a dull skin, share your thoughts in the comments below. For more beauty, skin care tips and advice join my facebook group:

Have a fabulous week!
Jana Elston x

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