June 12, 2017

Ancient Chinese Secrets to Help Heighten & Maintain your Body’s Energy Levels

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Have you ever wondered about the changing energy levels in your body and the underlying systems that keep you going from day to day, and year to year?

Ancient Chinese mastered the knowledge of the energy levels in the body. Over the years, this age-old wisdom has helped countless individuals in achieving a wholesome and fulfilling lifestyle.

Yin & Yang

Chinese traditions and medicinal practices endorse the belief that Qi, a name for energy, travels within the body through several meridians that are basically channels. So, if the energy is not allowed to flow freely and on its own accord, there will be a disruption in the balance of energy within the body. According to Chinese researchers, the body hosts fourteen meridians that are all connected to a key body part.

The Yin meridians are found in the front or anterior section of your body, while the Yang meridians are placed in the back or posterior of your body. The energy flow in the Yin meridians is upwards while it is downwards in the Yang meridians.

Yin signifies softness, earthy, dark, wet, inviting, and connected with the night, moon and seasons like winter and autumn. Yang, on the other hand, means dryness, strength, agility, light, masculinity, the sun, daytime, and spring and summer seasons.

The idea is that Yin and Yang are traits that prevail throughout the body. However, neither of these two succeeds in completely dominating the individual’s energy levels. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in order to maintain a wholesome, healthy and active body, one needs a harmonious balance between the Yin and Yang energies.


Young Living Essential Oils
Aromatherapy can help achieve a balance between the Yin Yang because the essential oils bring about changes in these energies with their rate of evaporation. However, in order to achieve that you must pick out the right essential oils with high notes and evaporation rates.

Ancient Chinese medicine dictates the use of warm and energizing essential oils to drive away depression, fatigue, exhaustion, and nervousness, for instance, Basil can reduce Yang to balance out Yin. Similarly, deep middle note oils, such as Geranium and Lavender, are highly effective at creating the perfect Yin-Yang balance while Vetivert essential oil will help you cool down, soothe away anxieties, and eliminate Yin deficiency. It also helps with meditation.

Roman Chamomile essential oil is a great pick to increase the free-flowing surge of Qi, while German Chamomile works wonders at regulating and improving the digestive system along with encouraging the flow of Qi and eliminating muscular spasms. If you seek an essential oil to alleviate the damp symptoms of catarrhal conditions, traditional Chinese medicines suggest Cardamom that is considered the most powerful energy tonic offered by nature.


Massage is undoubtedly the best way to offer your mind and body the pampering care of aromatic essential oils. Truly, there’s nothing so irresistibly relaxing and luxuriously dreamy than being massaged with the delicious fragrances of aromatherapy oils invigorating your mind, and heightening your senses.

Massage not only regulates the body’s energy levels, but more importantly, it relieves depression, stress, and anxieties that plague the mind.

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