Gain Greater Results With A Holistic Approach

meditation for healthy mind body skin
meditation for healthy mind-body skin

Have you ever wondered why some of your skin or beauty results may be taking longer than you would like? Is it possible that you may be sabotaging your beauty with your diet and lifestyle habits?

There is only so much that can be done with the latest machines and skincare technology. Many people seek a quick fix. We can correct many skin condition and deliver excellent results, but is it possible to gain even better and long-term results if you approach your beauty concerns holistically?

Let's take the case of acne. We can address, take care of, and even to some extent, control acne breakouts. But what we are dealing with is often the symptoms of a greater problem. So, all we can do is alleviate the symptoms, but in some cases to address the cause, you may need to look further than corrective skin or beauty treatments.

Many people look for the magic cure for acne (or ageing, or pigmentation etc). There are excellent treatments that will clear skin conditions effectively, but all we are doing is stamping out the fire. If you keep lighting the flame and causing a new fire, your skin conditions will reignite - pardon the pun. You need to turn off the ignition. You need to address the cause of your skin problems. And the cause is often internal or environmental (lifestyle). It may be the hormones during puberty, it may be the stress on your body, lifestyle factors, or undiagnosed food intolerances in adulthood. In the case of ageing and pigmentation, it is definitely linked to lifestyle factors. You can have "good" genes and still age faster if you sunbake and smoke all day long. You can have "bad" genes and have a great skin if you look after yourself. It's no longer just about the genes. It's about the environment and how it impacts on your genes.

A holistic approach includes taking care of your skin, your mind and your body. Taking care of your body with good nutrition, regular recreation, relaxation, and exercise will foster a healthier mind, body and skin. Skincare and professional treatments will correct your skin problems and deliver awesome results, but to maintain those results, you need to address the cause of your skin problems. Look at your diet and lifestyle and be honest about your health and wellbeing. Are you doing your best to look after yourself, your health, beauty, and wellbeing?

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