May 1, 2017

Becoming Aware is the First Step Towards a Healthier and Happier You

Resolve to be kind to yourself and schedule a little time out this week to relax and re-connect with yourself. To become conscious of your health and wellbeing.

90% of our waking hours, we do the same thing, day in day out. We wake up, shower, dress, eat on the run, work, come home in the evening to cook and clean, fall asleep on the lounge watching TV before finally getting off to bed.

Time just flies, and the days, weeks and years just become a blur. We live our lives on auto-pilot. We buy and eat the same takeaway because we have always done so. We sit on the couch all night because we have always done so. We rush through our morning routine, after sleeping in, because we have always done so.

We gradually build habits and routines that are not healthy for us long-term. But we don't seem to notice as we adapt to a fast-paced lifestyle, neglecting our spiritual self, our mental health, our nutrition and our wellbeing. People no longer know how to identify stress because they have become so used to it. They think it's normal.

Our bodies, however, are fighting an ongoing battle on the inside. The body is under stress when we overeat, eat processed food, food high in sugar, and when we don't drink enough water. Our body becomes stressed when we don't give it enough time out to relax and recuperate, to exercise or when we don't get enough sleep.

Becoming aware is the first step towards a healthier and happier youThis week, as you go through your day by day activities, stop and think. Become conscious of your habits. Is what you are about to do good for your health and wellbeing longterm? Think how you can replace habits that lead to poor health and wellbeing with habits that will support you and make you feel and look amazing.

Start small, and build it up. Instead of drinking coffee, replace it with green tea. Instead of ordering takeaway that is full of fat, sugar, and salt, have a nutritious salad sandwich instead.
Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV all night, take your yoga mat out and do some stretches as you watch TV. Better still, take a warm bath, and go to bed early with a great book.

Walk your dogs, toss a ball and have a play. Go for a swim or do a Zumba class. Plan to do something relaxing, fun and recreational at least every second day.

Try and become conscious of your daily habits this week. Becoming aware is the first step towards a healthier and happier you.

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