April 17, 2017

How to Get Hydrated Other Than Drinking Water

There is no way around it, you have to drink up - water that is. Your skin cells need to be juicy and plump so that your skin looks nice and dewy and plump. If the poor cells are dehydrated, they shrivel up like prunes and guess what that looks like on the surface?

If you can't bear to drink 2L of water eat fruits and veggies high in water content such as watermelon, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, kiwi and capsicum. Most fruits and salads are high in water content, so make sure you enjoy a cup or two at every meal.

Snack on yogurt, freshly squeezed veggie juices and drink fruit and herbal teas. All these add water to your diet and essential micro nutrients so that you are not only hydrating but nourishing your skin cells as well.

Soups are also an excellent way to nourish and rehydrate. Starting your meals with a soup can also make you feel fuller so you don't tend to overeat.

Keeping up your fluids does not have to be boring and strictly water only. Add some fruits, salads, soups, and herbal teas to your everyday meals and you will enjoy a more youthful skin in no time.

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