January 29, 2017

What is the best way to minimize acne marks and scarring?

tips for getting rid of acne scarring

If you have suffered from breakouts, you will find most of the time there is a red patch left behind after the spot has cleared. Especially if you have picked.

Sometimes these red patches can turn purple, and brown. In some cases, especially if you have been picking at your skin and trying to squeeze the pimples, you will find the skin as it heals is not as smooth as it used to be. The collagen in the skin has been damaged, leaving a dent or a depression in the skin. Others find that squeezing causes too much collagen to be produced in the area of the injury, leaving behind a raised scar.

Tips for healing the skin after a breakout:

1. Use skin care with healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to heal the red/purple marks and prevent them from turning brown. Look for B3 (niacinamide), vit C, vit A, vit E, centella asciatica, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, hazel tree extract, mint polyphenols, bilberry, lemon extract, ruscus extract.

2. Boost cellular regeneration with gentle AHAs with a professional peel or at home with skincare products that contain lactic acid or salicylic acid. The key here is not to cause trauma and inflammation while helping to clear the skin, so easy does it. Less is more. You can find gentle AHAs in cleansers, serums and night creams.
reduce scarring with microdermabrasion

3. Reduce the scarring and uneven skin texture with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion has been used for decades to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of post-acne scarring. A course of 6-10 weekly treatments will be needed to see results.

tips for getting rid of acne scarring

If the scarring is very pronounced and deep, micro needling helps to break down raised, hard scars and plump out depressed scars from the inside out by stimulation a healthy production of collagen network under the skin.

micro needling dermal rolling for treating acne scars

These professional treatments should be well supported at home with quality skincare to boost healing and repair. Look for EGF (epidermal growth factors), an active ingredient to reinforce healing and repair. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for tissue regeneration and minerals such as zinc, copper and magnesium will also boost results.

For more great tips on treating a skin with scarring, read my blog: How to help clear open pores that have scarred: these tips are also helpful for pitted and atrophic scars

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January 23, 2017


Do you drink 8 glasses of water, or 2 liters a day? Many of the clients I talk to don't. Everyone knows they should, they just don't.

We as aestheticians can clearly see that in the skin. One of the first signs of dehydration is a dull looking skin. Why does that happen?

When your skin is really well hydrated, the cells are juicy and plump like juicy grapes, they are full of water. Now think of the surface of the skin like the surface of a piece of paper, it looks really smooth. It reflects the light evenly which gives it that smooth appearance.

When the skin is dehydrated, imagine the cells turning from a plump, juicy grape to a shriveled raisin. Just imagine the surface area of the raisin, it's all crinkled. Now imagine a crinkled piece of paper, you can see that when the light hits the surface, it casts shadows where the crinkles are. And that is a good representation of what happens on the surface of a dehydrated skin. It will be crepey, and the creases cast shadows as the light hits the skin, making it look dull.

dehydrated skin

So to make the skin appear brighter, smoother, and plumper, you need to rehydrate to plump the cells out.

Here is a tip: I take with me to work a 1.5L bottle of water and aim to have it all drunk by the time I come home. It's amazing, if you have it sitting in front of you, you will sip on it all day. When you come home, all you need is have two more glasses of water, one before, one after dinner to make up your daily water requirement.

It really is not that hard, you just need to be well organized and just do it!

Off you go, drink some water for a healthier and younger looking skin!

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January 10, 2017

Avoid Sun Damage - Protect Your Skin From The Sun

protect your skin from sun damage

If you expose your skin to the UV rays for prolonged periods or on a regular basis, your skin will suffer damage. Driving, walking outdoors, gardening, hanging out washing etc. can all add up to hours of sun exposure every week.

Sun damage includes:
- brown spots
- pigmentation
- uneven skin tone
- thickening of the skin
- open pores
- stimulation of sebum leading to oilier skin
- breakdown of collagen and elastin
- wrinkles
- sagging of skin
- fragile capillaries
- sensitive skin
- dehydrated skin
- skin cancers

Sun exposure leads to many skin conditions that are preventable. Early and consistent prevention is the key to a beautiful skin.

1. Use sunscreen daily, minimum SPF 30
2. Wear a hat when outdoors
3. Stay in share where possible
4. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours
5. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or activities that cause you to sweat and use towels to dry off

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January 5, 2017


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