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There is so much choice when it comes to selecting the right skin care for your skin. For most of us it’s a matter of trial and error in finding something we like and that delivers results. With all this trial and error, you could be potentially harming your skin. Here are some clues that will tell you if the product is not right for you.

Is the product you’re using a mainstream/ generic skincare product?

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Generic mainstream products that you can purchase off-the-shelf (or online) without a consultation, at best do very little, at worst could potentially harm your skin. Generic products are specifically made to be used by everyone and anyone. They do not contain sufficient doses of active ingredients to bring about a result. This is because high percentage of actives need to be prescribed by a highly trained and experienced aesthetician to ensure the products are used in the correct way, and on the right skin. If used incorrectly or on the wrong skin, the wrong product could potentially irritate, dry out, or cause the skin to break out.

If results, quality and value for money is what you're after, you will save yourself a lot of confusion and wasted money by having your skin professionally analyzed and selecting professional only products. Professional strength cosmeceutical products are only available through beauty salons and spas, where you have to consult with a qualified skin care expert before buying. This will eliminate  wrong product choices saving your skin and saving you money.

Is the product you are using a multi-purpose skincare product?

Multi-purpose products such as BB creams, moisturizers with sunscreen or cleanser and moisturizer in one is not always the best thing for your skin and could even be potentially harmful. These type of products were designed to meet the need of people looking to simplify their skincare routine, not necessarily to deliver a result. Of particular concern is the combination of sunscreen in moisturizers.

The amount of sunscreen required to protect the skin sufficiently needs to be a lot more than what people usually apply. Approximately 5ml or 1 teaspoon of sunscreen needs to be applied to the face, neck and ears to provide adequate protection. For the whole body, approximately 35ml is recommended.

5 good reasons to apply sunscreen every dayHowever most people would apply approximately 1-2 ml of moisturizer or a BB cream to the face and neck, which is less than half of what is required, exposing your skin to the damaging effects of UV. Also, the cost of using these type of products is very high if you need to use 5ml each day. Most moisturizers come in a 50ml size so this would only give you 10 days worth of product.

Save your money, invest in top quality serums and moisturizers where you can use less and use a foundation with a sunscreen, a tinted sunscreen and/or a clear sunscreen with the right amount required to give you good sun protection. Buy the best you can afford.

I personally like professional sunscreens with added actives and antioxidants such as rosehip oil, allantoin and aloe vera to enhance and support treatment creams used underneath. Then I choose foundations and powders with high SPF for extra protection.

Did you purchase your skincare because you read a celebrity used it, or a friend told you about it?

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We are easily enticed by the latest and shiniest products we see advertised on the television, the “miraculous” photo-shopped before and after photos on the internet, celebrity product endorsements or something we’ve seen written by beauty editors in fashion magazines. Well meaning friends tell us about the latest and best product they are using and we rush out to get one too. Most of the time we just end up disappointed and discouraged. Has this happened to you?

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Celebrities, models, beauty editors and advertising agencies are paid very well to endorse and advertise skin care products. Most people are not consciously aware that when a celebrity is said to use a particular product, or have an amazing treatment; or when a product appears on the TV or in a magazine, this cost a great deal of money. The editors write about the products they are paid to write about, celebrities talk about the product they are paid to talk about, not necessarily about the best products. Don’t get me wrong, some of the products you see advertised may be just fine, they just may not be the right product for your skin.

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If you see a professional product advertised in a magazine, talk to you beauty expert and get their advice to determine if the product is right for you. Trust Your Skin Care Expert's Advice.
Try and source a salon that is an authorized stockist, because these therapists will be specifically trained and have more in-depth knowledge. To find your nearest authorized stockist, I suggest you call the skincare company directly.

Is the skincare product right for your skin type?

Have you ever found you have used a skin care product only to find you are not getting result, had a ‘reaction” or your skin got worse? If your skin does not “feel right”, and you are not getting the results you wanted, it’s time to seek expert advice.

One of the most common things I see people do when they try to figure out their skin type and condition is that they take a guess, buy products they believe will help, and then end up disappointed because the products are not working, or the skin gets worse. Some of the most common mis-diagnosed skin conditions are:

aestheticianIn addition there are numerous ways you can treat ageing for instance. Is your skin looking older because of wrinkles, lack of elasticity, pigmentation, sun-damage, glycation, inflammation, couperose, thickening of the skin or lack of radiance? Most of these skin conditions would have a specific treatment programme targeting the causes of ageing. What if there are two or three condition on your skin you will want to treat at once? Only a fully trained skin care expert can determine the right mix of ingredients and put together a tailored solution for best results.  

To save yourself all the trouble of experimentation and trial & error, it’s a good idea to have a professional look at your skin from time to time. I recommend you have your skin professionally analyzed every three months, if you made significant lifestyle changes or moved to a different climate. A qualified aesthetician will help you determine what is happening with your skin and what can be improved. We think we know our skin well, but a second opinion is always good. Even myself and other professional therapists have their skin looked at by a colleague and discuss options for best results. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

Does your skincare contain ingredients proven to be harmful?

There are some ingredients / products people should just never use on their skin. These can dry the skin out, clog, cause allergies, eczema or acne. I recently wrote a blog post about
4 Products You Should NEVER Use On Your Face I suggest you have a read and share with your friends.

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