4 Products You Should NEVER Use On Your Face

avoid using soap on your skinSoap is not only alkaline stripping the skin, but have you seen what it leaves behind in your shower? Soap scum, that sticky residue that is so hard to clean off the walls and glass. What is it leaving on the skin?  Here are more reasons why you should avoid using soap on your skin:

Mineral Oil
mineral oil skincareMineral oil creates a complete barrier on the surface of the skin preventing efficient skin perspiration and respiration, suffocating the skin. Long-term use can cause dehydration, congestion, dull and sluggish skin.
Here are 3 more key reasons to stay well away from mineral oil.

rubbing alcoholRubbing Alcohol is great as a home cleaning product but is should never be used on the face. It contains 70%-90% ethanol which dries and irritates the skin.
Here is an interesting article about the uses of rubbing alcohol, although I would not recommend people use it on the face:

sorbolene cream, paraffin and mineral oil should never be used on your skin
Sorbolene cream is made with paraffin, mineral oils and water. It is very high in the oil content so it sits on the surface. Experts believe prolonged use of sorbolene may lead to the breakdown of the skin’s normal barrier functions leading to skin irritation and sensitivity. Here is why the key ingredients of sorbolene cream, paraffin and mineral oil should never be used on your skin:

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