August 7, 2014


alpha hydroxy peels
A comment on my Facebook page by one of my readers got me thinking. She was writing about her experience to the long term use of peels and how her skin is now so thin and it reacts to most products. This is not the first I have heard of this sadly, I have been hearing these kind of stories more and more lately. 

Peels can be fantastic tools when we are correcting imperfection and are great for skin results, if treated with respect. However, I think peels are way over prescribed these days. It reminds me of a story in the news how doctors over prescribe antibiotics and the problems that it has created. I wonder what problems are we creating in the long run with all the peels that people are having? 

Peels are not THE solution to all skin problems. Certainly, not the ONLY solution. Peels should not be done long term. For any skin. Most importantly, peels should not be done without a thorough consultation and a complete commitment to preparing the skin at least two weeks before the peel. 

If you are considering peels, your skin needs to be hydrated and in good condition first to withstand the treatment without long-term damage. This means using quality skin care every day to get it into top condition. If you don't like to wear sunscreen, or you forget to wear it every day, forget about the peels, and for that matter any other invasive treatments such as lasers, microdermabrasion or needling. Peels thin the skin, making it more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun. So you absolutely MUST get in the habit of wearing a strong sunscreen every day first. 

If you are treating certain conditions, pigmentation for example, you need to be using a tyrosinase inhibitor serum (such as vitamin C or B3) for at least two weeks before you commence your course of peels to get good results and support skin regeneration. 

There are many other considerations, this is why a thorough consultation is essential before you do peels. Your skin may not be ready or may need other treatments to get it into optimum condition first. There are also many contraindications to peels that your therapist needs to go through with you. 

After a course of peels (generally 5 -10), one or two mild to medium peels a year as maintenance is fine. In the meantime, you should have facials on a monthly basis that focus on rebuilding a healthy skin, loaded with vitamins, minerals, peptides, cell communicating ingredients, anti-inflammatory, anti-MMP, anti-glycation and of course antioxidant ingredients for your skin type and skin concerns. 

Look after your skin and don't be too aggressive with it. Your skin is the only skin you will ever have, so treat it with respect. I know, we all want quick results, but to have a healthy beautiful skin for the long term, it pays to be patient. Remember, 80% of the results you get is what you do to your skin at home, every day. Using quality products prescribed specifically for your skin every day will give you far better results in the long run.

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