Best beauty tips for minimizing open pores for a beautiful smooth skin

orange peel skin open poresOpen pores are probably the most misunderstood skin type or skin condition I have come across. Everybody would love a smooth, pore-less skin like you see on the beautiful models in magazines or on TV.

Sadly, pore-less skin is an illusion, a beautiful piece of artwork achieved by skilled make up artists, clever photographers and advanced photo editing software.

As a beauty therapist I have come across only a handful of people over the past 23 years that had a perfectly smooth skin with barely visible pores. It was almost always in a young skin, that peaches and cream type. But these people had their own problems. They suffered with thin, delicate, dry skin, sensitive skin, premature aging, redness, capillaries and sun damage.

The truth is, we all have pores because pores are there for a reason. Granted, some people have smaller pores and other people have larger pores. We all have pores, and very few of us have a skin that may appear pore less, but that's just an illusion and I'll share some tips on how you can minimize your open pores and make your skin appear smooth and more even. But first, let's find out more about open pores. 

There are two different types of pores in our skin. Sweat pores and hair follicles.

Sweat pores excrete sweat to cool us down, and expel excess waste from our body. There are other functions for sweat but let's just keep it to that for now.

Cross section of the skin hair follicle
Hair Follicle
Hair follicles are pores where hair grows out of, which provides our skin with insulation and protection. Hair follicles have an attached gland that secretes sebum, a natural skin oil which lubricates the hair and our skin. It is a type of natural skin moisturizer.

Open pores are very important for our skin health. Yet we have this aversion to open pores. I believe this is mainly driven by cosmetic fashion, and cosmetic companies promoting their products using images that have been airbrushed.
Do pores open and close? No, pores do not have muscles to allow them to open and close. Can you get rid of your pores completely? No, it is physically impossible to remove open pores. But is it possible to reduce the size of our pores so they are less visible? Of course you can! 

So here is where the truth lies. You can minimize and smooth, but if you have open pored skin you will never completely get rid of it. It's just not possible. And knowing the important function of our pores why would you?

I have come across several different types of 'orange peel' or open pored skin and each had to be treated differently if my client wanted to achieve a smoother, more even textured skin.

types of open pores how to minimize open pores

So what are the options to treat open pores?

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