June 14, 2014

My ESSENTIAL weekly skin care ritual:

weekend skin detox ritual

The weekend is the perfect time to give your skin a treat with a beauty ritual that will leave it looking and feeling fresh, rejuvenated and revitalized. 

Here is my step-by-step beauty ritual. I tend to do this on the weekend when I am more relaxed and can really enjoy the process. 

Step-by-Step Beauty Ritual

1. Cleanse  - In the mornings I enjoy using an enzymatic cleanser.

2. Complete the cleansing ritual with a lotion (an active toner) to hydrate and treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, open pores and ageing.

3. Next, I exfoliate. I use gommage paste as I found it's more effective than scrubs; once every couple of months I might do a gentle AHA peel, but as I exfoliate weekly I rarely need it.

4. Desincrustation - optional step, for people with clogging or blackheads. I use a deep detox cleanser based on enzymes, salicylic adic and exfoliating grains to unclog, dissolve impurities and decongest the skin.  I use a product that is activated by steam and dissolves all clogging and congestion, so I apply then fill my sink with hot water, partly cover my head with a towel to catch the steam, and let the steam do it's magic. 

5. Mask - I adapt depending on what my skin needs at the time. A choose from a hydrating plumping antioxidant mask or drawing deep-cleansing detox mask or anti-aging firming brightening mask. I love using masks so I have a few on hand. 

6. After a mask, I lotion again. It helps with penetration of products. 

7. Apply a vitamin C serum to protect the skin from free radicals and pollution.
8. I apply a line-relaxing eye cream and a peptide and antioxidant-rich face cream.

9. I finish off with and tinted Sunscreen at least SPF30

10. Finally I relax and enjoy a herbal detox tea to make the skin sparkle from inside out!

I love how my skin just glows after my little weekend ritual. Occasionally for something extra special, I run a bath, use scented detox bath salts and or bath oil or milk, and enjoy a luxurious soak instead or a shower. Here is a great article on how to detox your body

What is your weekend beauty ritual? 

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