June 6, 2013

Before and after - makeup done the right way

Well defined eye brows make such a difference! Look after your eye brows ladies, don't let anyone but an expert touch them! And don't be lulled into a cheaper service, it's cheap for a reason! Maybe they are inexperienced, or even untrained and learning on you! Do you want to take that chance? Poorly waxed eye brows never grow back quite right. 

The harsh eyeliner so reminds me if the head banging 80s, it was all the rage. But looking at this photo, her eyes appear large on the left, maybe she's doing a sexy eye squint on the right? Or is it the smoky eye makeup? Nevertheless, it certainly looks sexier on the right. 

The right foundation makes the skin appear fresh and relaxed, on the left she has that Ompa Lompa look. The highlighting enhances her features in the right way and shading contours her face, just look at the nose, it appears much thinner on the left. 

And the lipstick color is so wrong on the dark haired model, a fair haired model with fine features may get away with it, but prominent features in light colors look just washed out. If you want to keep it natural looking, stick to nude/brown or pinkish/brown colours. 

The overall look on the left appears  'cheap' and classy and sexy on the right. On the left it looks like she is a grown woman but  is still wearing her teenage make up, on the right she looks comfortable in her own skin. 

Very interesting exercise! If you ever need help with make up, did you know most beauty salons offer lessons?

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