How To Practice Mindful Skincare

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. It's about being aware and conscious of your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Being aware of how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally can help relieve stress, decrease anxiety and depression.  As I always say, skincare is self-care. Practising your daily skincare ritual is a good way to practice mindfulness and self-care. As you practice your morning and evening skin care routines, slow down and pay attention to the skincare you are using.  Focus how it feels on your skin, the aromatics and scents, the cooling or warming sensations and the texture of your skin. Pay attention to how your skin responds to your skincare routine and how it changes over the days, weeks and months.  To enhance the experience, create a sensorial environment around you. If it's a beautiful sunny day, open the windows and feel the fresh air on your skin. Listen to the wind and the birds as you care for your skin. If it's the evening,

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