Defining the Beauty Businesses in Australia

Lately, there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the beauty businesses in Australia. The term "beauty parlour" is rather old fashioned, yet it seems to have been used frequently by politicians and the media recently. "Beauty parlours" make up a very small fraction of beauty businesses.  People who own, operate and work in the general umbrella of beauty businesses, fall under the one  Hair & Beauty Award , whether they are a barber, hairderesser, beautician , beauty therapist , dermal therapist , laser technician, massage therapist or nail tecnhician.   To help avoid confusion I have put together a list of the different beauty businesses that operate in Australia. These are my personal observations as the beauty businesses vary a great deal. Beauty businesses can be any one or a mixture of the services they offer below. There are no formal clasifications, and the services various beauty businesses offer are based on the preferences of the owners and

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