An Easy Guide to Moisturise & Rehydrate a Dry vs Dehydrated Skin and Get Your Glow Back!

I enjoy walking my dogs every day, and on some days it can get pretty windy out there like today! It's lovely and refreshing, but the dry wind can play real havoc with your skin.

The wind can literally suck the moisture out of your skin. And if it's a sunny day as well, it's easy to get wind burned. Imagine a fan-forced oven crisping up the roast. It's a bit like that, the sun heats up and 'toasts' the skin and the wind dries the skin resulting in a skin that feels parched, tight, rough, and sometimes stinging & sore, and the surface of the skin looks all crackly.
PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE ELEMENTS During windy days it's essential to protect your skin from over-drying because if it's left untreated, it can lead to skin barrier breakdown, severe dryness and dehydration. Untreated dehydration leads to premature ageing, wrinkling, and even skin sensitivities. Dehydration means loss of moisture (water), and it can occur in dry skin as well as oily ski…

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