December 13, 2016

Holiday Beauty Checklist

Holiday beauty Checklist
Two weeks to Christmas! Here is your beauty checklist:

2 weeks before

1. Book a brightening and detoxifying peel skin treatment.
2. Book in a manicure & pedicure.

1 week before

3. Have all your waxing done, eye brows, legs, bikini etc
4. Tinting of brows and lashes.
5. Book a final haircolor & cut with your hairdresser.

3 days before

6. Book in hydrating, pick-me-up facial.

1 day before

7. Have you final manicure & pedicure done. Purchase a bottle of the polish to take away with you for any touch ups.
8. Spray tan if required.
9. At night cleanse your skin and apply a pick-me-up mask. After 10 minutes rinse off and apply a vitamin C rich serum to brighten your skin.

Christmas day

10. Before applying your make up, use a great primer to make your makeup last all day.
11. Moisturise hands and apply top coat to freshen up manicure if needed.

12. You are ready to party!

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