June 4, 2016

How To Get Great Results From Skin Peels

It's peel season!
It's peel season!
It's peel season!

The cooler months are the best time of the year to give your skin a rejuvenating lift with a course of peels. 

Have a professional, well trained and experienced beauty therapist assess your skin before undergoing any peels to make sure your skin is in suitable condition and to ensure there are no contraindications. Only ever have a professional perform peels, as peels can cause damage to your skin if not done correctly. 

Rejuvenate your skin with a course of peels
Rejuvenate your skin with a course of peels

Here are some suggestions for peels:

- Delicate & dry skin - try a series of three lactic peels

- Thickened, open pored skin - five medium strength glycolic peels will refine and smooth 

- Congested, problematic skin - glycolic & salicylic combination peel will decongest and reduce breakouts, 

- Sun damaged, thickened, pigmentation & aging skin - start with an enzyme peel, follow with 3-5 glycolic peels, and 3-5 lactic peels for best results

Delicate & dry skin - try a series of three lactic peels
Delicate & dry skin - try a series of three lactic peels
Courses of peels are usually performed 1 x per/week.  With stronger peels and if you wish to avoid "downtime" (peeling, redness, itching, burning) do the peels fortnightly. 

Start using a tyrosinase inhibitor (vitamin C serum) two weeks before you commence your course of peels, and continue using throughout the course. This will prevent, fade pigmentation and even out the skin tone. Invest in a good healing/hydrating/rejuvenating serum and moisturizer to use throughout the course of peels to get the best result and most out of your course. 

DO NOT start a course of peels unless your skin is well hydrated and in good condition. You must stay out of the sun for 48 hour after a peel, and wear sunscreen every day, even in winter and when it rains. 

Read more about peels here: Considering Skin Peels?

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Online Professional Skin Consultation
Online Professional Skin Consultation
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