October 10, 2015

Fascinating connection between beauty and brains!

Interestingly, these same lifestyle and dietary changes that boost the production on new brain cells are also pro-youthful and will delay the signs of skin aging, reduce imperfections, improve skin health, radiance, firmness and tone. 

Latest research shows we do indeed grow new brain cells that will affect our mood and memory. Some lifestyle and dietary factors will decrease the production of new neurons which will result in poor memory and depression. These are vitamin A, D, E deficiencies, high saturated fat and sugar diet, eating soft foods, sleep deprivation, stress, lack of exercise and overeating.

The latest research is discovering that people who modified their lifestyle and diet saw an increase in the production of new brain cells which improved memory and happiness. The lifestyle and dietary changes that shoved positive results were: ongoing learning, calorie restriction by 20-30%, intermittent fasting (going longer periods without food), aerobic exercise, reducing stress, adequate sleep, and regular sex. Nutrients that boosted new brain cell production included omega 3 fatty acids, resveratrol, blueberries, folic acid, zinc, flavonoids, curcurmin, caffeine, and vitamins A, D, E. and eating crunchy foods that require adequate mastication. 

So for a healthy skin and a healthy brain, we just need to avoid self-indulgence and be more disciplined to look after ourselves to give our bodies the best nutrition, enjoyment and rest it deserves!

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