May 16, 2015

Why You Need To Use a Cleanser On Your Skin In The Morning

Have you cleansed your skin this morning?

As you sleep your whole body , including your skin, is repairing and renewing itself. It is going through a process of regeneration which means every cell in your body takes in nutrients and expels toxins. Your skin cells take in nutrients from the blood stream and the surface cells from the serums and treatment creams you have applied before sleep, then excrete toxins. 

Some of these toxins are collected by the lymphatic system (that's why drinking water before bed and on rising is so important) then processed through the liver, kidneys, and lungs (which is partly why you have the morning breath).

Toxins are excreted to the surface of the skin overnight via the sweat ducts. One of these waste by-products is urea, the same substance in urine. So literally your skin excretes waste on your face overnight, so that's WHY you need to use a cleanser in the morning! Just splashing water will not do it.

cleansing your skin in the morningLeaving sweat, urea, skins oil on the skin may cause breakouts, congestion and free radical damage which accelerates aging. You don't want to be walking around with toxins, waste products and urea on your face all day, do you?

So after you brush you teeth use a lovely refreshing cleanser and start the day fresh and clean! Your skin will thank you for it!

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