April 9, 2015

Do you have oily skin with clogged open pores? Here is what you can do to achieve a beautiful smooth, problem-free skin.

micro fillaments
Clogging can occur when a plug forms at the mouth of the hair follicle, blocking oil and dead skin cells inside the pore. The plug is composed of a mixture of oil and dead cells, so clogging usually occurs if the skin is not cleansed and exfoliated regularly. The clogging enlarges the pore as it builds up, making pores appear larger. 

Clogging occurs initially as a filament or micro comedo. It looks like a tiny spiky whitehead sitting on top of the pore and feels rough to the touch. These are easily cleared up, and if you catch them early, you can prevent further problems such as clogging, open pores and blackheads. Here is an excellent article about filaments and how to treat them:

clogging blackheads If you have not caught it in time, filaments will keep building up, leading to clogging and eventually to blackheads. These further distend the mouth of the pore, and once it gets to this stage, it will take good consistent skin care and professional treatments over a period of time to eliminate clogging and refine the pores. You can read more about what causes clogging and blackheads, and some tips for managing this problem here: http://thebeautybusinessau.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/blackheads.html 

Professional treatments that are great for clogging and blackheads are: desincrustation with the galvanic machine, microdermabrasion, deep cleansing facials, BHA peels. All these can accelerate the results, but home care is the key to eliminating blackheads permanently. The professional treatments relieve the symptoms, but as the skin is prone to blackheads, once the problem is cleared with the professional treatments, you need to be diligent with home care to maintain the results.

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