May 24, 2013


❌ Avoid harsh cleansers that strip the skin. If the skin is stripped, it feels dry, so it will slow down desquamation (the rate the dead cells are 'flicked' off the skin), and will increase oil production to moisturize itself. This can lead to bigger and juicier blackheads. So use a gentle cleanser (I am a big fan of milky cleansers) that will re-balance the oils without stripping and help remove pore clogging dead cells.

✔ Cleanse skin morning &night, don't skimp on this, pores need to be freed of build up and debris that could potentially clogged more pores.

✔ Exfoliate 2-3 times a week, very important to remove dead cells that build up. Exfoliating will gradually work the blackhead out and refine large pores.

✔ Use a serum or cream to dissolve / draw out blackheads. Blackheads are quite deep, and need to be softened and drawn out. A good serum or treatment cream with salicylic acid is able to get in the clogged pore and 'clean' it out from the inside out. If your skin is sensitive to salicylic acid, there are other options, PM me.

✔ Use an absorbent mask to draw out blackheads and refine the pores. Masks are probably the only thing you can do that gives you the most visible result fast. They act instantly. A good mask for blackheads will have soft clays to draw out blackheads, vitamins to improve skin radiance and anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent/calm breakouts.

✔ Moisturize with a treatment cream designed to re- balance oil and improve desquamation. Many people think if you have an oily skin, they do not need to moisturize. Your skin is actually made up of a mixture of oils/fats and water. If the water content decreases, the skin will get dehydrated, tightening up on the surface causing the pores to tighten up, blocking oils and dead cells in the pores. Use a hydrating treatment cream that contains ingredients to rebalance oils and improve cellular turnover for a fresher skin.

✔ Use sunscreen - black heads contain melanin which darkens when exposed to UV light. That is why the blackheads appear black on the surface. If you ever have squeezed a black head out, you notice the head was black, but the tail was white. The white is a mixture of oil and dead cells, and the top of the blackhead darkened as it was exposed to UV and oxygen. Use a good sunscreen with anti oxidants such as vitamin C.

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